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History and Facts about Fantasy Football

The seed for Fantasy Football was planted August 1st, 1998, during the Fantasy Insights '98 Fantasy Football Convention. A meeting there between James Serra of Fantasy Insights, Scott Higgins of EA Sports, Christina Schellhardt of The Sporting News, Charlie Wiegert of CDM Sports, and Carl Foster of USFANS was held to discuss various topics related to our industry. From that meeting, it was obvious there was a need for an association to help promote fantasy sports, and history was made!

Timeline of accomplishments since formation:

March 2004--Fantasy Sports Trade Conference Nine was held at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

August 2003--Fantasy Sports Trade Conference VIII was held at the Northbrook Hilton in Chicago.

March 2003--Fantasy Sports Trade Conference VII was held at the Rio in Las Vegas.

August 2002--3rd Annual Fantasy Sports Football Trade Conference was held at the Doubletree O'Hare in Chicago. Also, the debut National Fantasy Football Conference was held the following day.

March 2002--3rd Annual Fantasy Sports Baseball Trade Conference was held at the Boardwalk Casino in Las Vegas. John Benson was inducted into the FSTA Hall of Fame.

August 2001--2nd Annual Fantasy Sports Football Trade Conference was held in Chicago. John Dewan and Charlie Wiegert were inducted into the FSTA Hall of Fame.

February 2001--2nd Annual Fantasy Sports Baseball Trade Conference was held at the Sahara Resort in Las Vegas Bill James was inducted into the FSTA Hall of Fame.

July 2000--2nd Annual FSTA Fantasy Football Trade Show with Krause Publications. 85 companies and 125 people attended. Cliff Charpentier was inducted into the FSTA Hall of Fame.

March 2000--2nd Annual FSTA Fantasy Sports Trade Show in conjunction with Krause Publications with industry seminars and panel discussions. 1st Fantasy Sports Choice Awards and creation of FSTA Hall of Fame with Glenn Waggoner and Roto founding fathers inducted. 1st Freedom Golf Celebrity Golf Challenge. Release of 1st Fantasy research study by Harris Interactive/ Voted in eight new Board members.

December 1999--FSTA Booth at MLB Winter Meetings including Board Meeting

August 1999--FSTA Fantasy Sports pavilion as part of Krause Publications 'SportsFest' in Chicago. 1st FSTA Experts Football Draft held with Dick Butkus including a Board Meeting

June 1999--FSTA Fantasy Sports pavilion as part of Krause Publications 'SportsFest' in Philadelphia including Board meeting.

March 1999--Formation of founding 12 Board members in Tampa, FL with 1st Annual Fantasy Baseball Experience featuring the LABR Drafts. Non-Profit Corporations established and officers elected at first Board meeting. 1st FSTA Experts Baseball Draft held.

Prepare ahead of time
Get a copy of the rules, which should include the drafting method, scoring system, and prizes disbursement for the league If you're a first timer, learn all the terminology

Keep your eyes peeled
Pay attention to others picks, if everyone else already has 4 running backs and you only have 2, you're in trouble

Be careful about bye weeks
Never draft a backup QB that has the same bye week as your starter, it defeats the purpose of drafting him

Keep your cheat sheet to yourself
It doesn't do you a lot of good to "share" your cheat sheet the owner next to you.

Consider trading
In between picks is a good time to think about trades. Maybe you're sure your big sleeper is going to be picked before your next turn, so try trading your next 2 picks for a higher pick. Or maybe you realized you made a mistake like #4, trade that player now and you can still come out ahead by getting 2 lower draft picks. Check out the draft pick calculator on our tools page.

Finishing up
Your last few draft picks should be on some long shots. Don't waste these picks on older veteran players that have consistently scored a couple points a game. Take a chance on that rookie quarterback or a backup running back with a big upside.

Double check everything
Before leaving the draft, make sure you:
* Pay all your fees * Agree with the commissioner on your roster * Check each other's phone numbers and e-mail addresses * Know what time transactions and lineups are due.



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Always check the injury report. Injuries are huge in nfl gambling and can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Don’t be afraid to double up on Monday. If you are down and like the Monday game double your wager.

Keep your cool. Never chase your money. Meaning never wager on games because they are the only thing to place a wager on.

Control you bankroll. Set a certain amount you are going to bet and stick with that all season.

Start early. Usually the lines are a little looser in the beginning months of the season. So start your season with the nfl season.

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