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A type of draft in which owners are allotted a certain amount of fantasy cash. The owner uses this money to fill their roster spots by bidding on NFL players.

Basic Scoring Fantasy points are only earned when your starters score touchdowns, field goals, and extra points.

Bench Players Players which you choose not to start; you normally receive no points for their performances.

Cheat Sheet A drafting tool which lists NFL players ranked in order of predicted fantasy points; however there are no accompanying stats, so it is possible that it isn't accurate for a league's scoring system. A good tool for beginners.

Commissioner The person who is responsible for maintaining the league, reporting the results of the fantasy games, running the draft, collecting entrance fees (if any), and generally keeping things running smoothly. It is important for the commissioner to be unbiased (fair) and honest.

Cut To remove or drop a player from your roster.

Draft The meeting of owners and commissioner before the NFL season in which owners select the players for their team. It can be done by auction or draft. Some leagues give the top spots in the draft to the teams with the poorest records from the previous season.

Dynasty League A league in which you keep your entire roster from year to year. The next season a draft is held to improve your team. Usually the draft order is based on the previous year's finish.

Dynasty leagues are a long term commitment.

Fantasy Football A game which the players (owners) earn fantasy points for the performances of the NFL players on their fantasy team. In most leagues, NFL players are assigned to teams via a draft. Usually, each player can only be on one team at a time and there are limits to the total number of players per team. The object of the game is to out score your fantasy opponents (other owners) on a weekly basis, so that at the end of the season (depending on the league) you have the most points or the most wins (in a head to head league).

FF or FFB Short for Fantasy Football

Injured Reserve An option in some leagues, an injured player can be sent to the IR for a certain number of weeks. The player cannot return to the active lineup and does not earn the owner any points until that number of weeks passed; however another player can be added to the team since the IR player doesn't count against the player limit.

IR See Injured Reserve

Keeper League A league in which a certain number of players can be retained from the previous season by each owner, so that their whole team does not have to be redrafted. The number of players can vary. If you retain your whole team it is called a dynasty league.

League A collection of owners who play against each other, it is run by the commissioner.

Lineup See starters

NG or Newsgroup A huge forum for discussion.

Mock Draft A fake draft that is designed as a service to get a gauge for when and where players are getting drafted in actual fantasy football drafts. Some require the drafters to post a rationale behind their picks for additional insight for visitors. You can do your own at

Owner The person who makes decisions about a fantasy football team. This includes drafting, cutting, and starters.

Performance Scoring In addition to basic scoring you receive points for yardage (as in 1 point for every 20 passing yards).

Pickup To add a player to your roster.

Projections A version of cheat sheet in which potential statistics are assigned to players. Since many leagues' scoring methods greatly differ this is more useful than a cheat sheet because you can apply your own scoring system to determine their fantasy value in your league.

Roster See Team

Scoring Abbreviations include: TD = Touchdown, FG = Field Goal, XP = Extra Point, INT = Interception and Pts = Points. Also see Basic Scoring and Performance Scoring.

Serpentine Draft The type of draft in which the commissioner draws teams names from a hat to determine the order in which teams will select players in the first round and then reverses the order in the second. For example, in a 12 team league #1 would draft first in round 1 & #12 would draft last. But in Round 2 #12 would draft first and #1 would draft last. The teams would be in normal order in odd rounds and reversed in even rounds.

Sleeper A draft term for a NFL player which an owner believes is going to have a breakout season. These are usually players who are not rookies, but they can be. For the most part they are not well known players. For example, Edgerrin James would not have been a sleeper for the 1999 season, because many people knew he was going to have a good to very good season. However, Kurt Warner would have been because very few people expected much performance from him, yet he was the leading player in most leagues in 1999.

Starters The players which you select on a weekly basis that you will receive points for.

Starting Players See Starters

Stats A player's accomplishments for a given week. For example, "Randy Moss's stats for week 14 are 3 Td's and 258 Receiving Yards.

Stud A NFL player who has proved himself to be a top scoring player at his position.

Team The collection of players that an owner has.

Team Position An idea that is used in some leagues in which you select a team instead of a specific player for a position. For example, if you start Miami for Team QB you would get credit for stats from Jay Fiedler, AJ Feeley and anyone else.

Team QB See Team Position

Trade Switching certain players from Team A to Team B. For Example Team A gives Team B Curtis Martin in exchange for Onterrio Smith and Keyshawn Johnson. In almost all leagues including money in a trade is strictly against the rules. For example, Brett Favre for Keyshawn Johnson and $10.

Transaction A roster change. Some leagues have a transaction fee. Also see Cut, Pickup, and Trade Waiver See Pickup.



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Always check the injury report. Injuries are huge in nfl gambling and can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Don’t be afraid to double up on Monday. If you are down and like the Monday game double your wager.

Keep your cool. Never chase your money. Meaning never wager on games because they are the only thing to place a wager on.

Control you bankroll. Set a certain amount you are going to bet and stick with that all season.

Start early. Usually the lines are a little looser in the beginning months of the season. So start your season with the nfl season.

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